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Dinner Theatre Scripts

A dinner theatre is a form of live theatrical entertainment that includes a meal along with a staged theatrical performance or show. The dinner theatre has been most probably developed from the popular 'Supper Clubs' of the 1940s and 1950s. In simple terms, a dinner theatre is combo of theatre and nightclub.

Howard Douglass Wolfe is considered as the “Father of Dinner Theatre.” Wolfe, Virginian entrepreneur, created a Barn Dinner Theatre franchise beginning in the 1960s, which included 27 theatres in New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia.

The dinner theatres gained extreme popularity in 1970s. The dinner theatres of that time featured former movie stars and celebrities. There was a plethora of flourishing dinner theatres in United States. However, the boom of dinner theatres declined in the mid 1980s. Still there are a number of dinner theatres located all over the North America.

Often the dinner theatre scripts are meant to produce dinner theatre productions that have low production costs, but could attract a large number of crowds. Most of the dinner theatre scripts belong to the class of Neil Simon romantic comedies rather than the class of Shakespearian tragedies or Wagnerian operas.
Generally, the dinner theatre scripts are light comedies, romantic comedies, mystery plays, murder mysteries, church mysteries, musical drams, dance dramas, poetic plays, miming, pantomimes, clown dancing, etc.

The inner theatre scripts are skillfully woven in such a way that sometimes audience is made to participate in the play. Sometimes diners are encouraged to sing or dance with dinner theatre actors. Sometimes diners are included in a minor way in plots by exchanging small talks or otherwise interacting with the actors.

The dinner theatre is fine place for professional actors and technicians to gain theatrical experience. It’s a good place for the beginners to start theatre. There are a number of playwrights that specialize in dinner theatre scripts and dinner theatre products. The dinner theatre scripts can be purchased online. There are number of sites selling dinner theatre scripts online.  

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